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Since 2006 Linde Vineyard Supply has provided the most diversified and highest quality Trellising, Fencing, Harvest and Pruning products in the industry. Their specialties include Domestic line posts, end posts and vineyard wire. Infaco pruning equipment, Gripple, Tree Island fencing and everything else needed to give their customers a great experience that is competitively priced.

Family owned and operated: Ken Linde saw an opportunity to meet the growing needs of an expanding wine industry in the Willamette Valley and founded Linde Vineyard Supply; the company has grown to service Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia and has garnered a reputation of tackling any size project with skill and precision. After nearly 15 years in the industry Linde Vineyard Supply continues its commitment to excellence and customer service by procuring materials from the most knowledgeable suppliers in the industry. Whatever your project, Linde Vineyard has the right personnel to meet your needs.