Delmas is dedicated to producing exceptional wines of enduring value.
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At this time, we are not available for winery tours or tastings due to extremely limited quantities of Delmas Syrah.

Vineyard Sources in
The Rocks District

Planted in 2007, Mary and Steve Robertson founded SJR Vineyard on ten acres. From the outset, their intent has been to create a world-class wine estate of lasting value. Operationally, and to that end, this is very much a family affair, with direct and active involvement provided from each family member! Brooke Robertson charts the estate course forward, implementing cutting-edge viticulture practices. Each block and variety is addressed independently; assessing appropriate training form, pruning rigor and nutrient/ irrigation strategies.

A co-fermented Syrah is the flag ship wine for Delmas. An estate Viognier and Grenache-based estate blend complete the current offering.

Three more acres were added to the estate in 2017 increasing total acreage to thirteen.

Steve spearheaded the AVA petition efforts for The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater. He remains actively committed to building global recognition for all growers/producers that work these distinctive cobbled soils.

Delmas/SJR Vineyard is the realization of the Robertson Family’s 40+ year dream; to honor a world-class vineyard location while creating wines of exemplary character, quality, complexity and enduring value. Born of the distinctive geology found within ‘The Rocks District’ as well as the climatic eccentricities of the Walla Walla Valley, Delmas is dedicated to restraint, nuance, and those impossible-to-define, (pleasurable), qualities that elevate all great wines. At Delmas elegance is preferred to power and exoticism.

“Delmas” arrives from Mary’s side of the family. In a tradition dating back many generations, the French family name “Delmas” is passed from one daughter to the next as a middle name. This legacy lives on through Mary and Steve’s daughter, Brooke Delmas Robertson.

SJR Vineyard is located on the corner of Lower Dry Creek and County Road in Milton-Freewater, at the SW corner of ‘The Rocks District’. Delmas is located in Walla Walla. Visits are welcome...appointment only.

Steve Robertson, Vintner

Steve Robertson, Vintner

Steve has a long history of building world-class teams in the development, exercise and manufacturing industry segments. He brings his strong entrepreneurial background and team-building experience to bear at Delmas and SJR Vineyard...leading the operational and business components of the estate.

Critically, from the beginnings of visioneering the estate project, Steve has involved his family members in every key decision. This is a family legacy project. The intent has always been to pass the operational components of the estate to Brooke. In preparation for that inevitability, Brooke spent five years in Napa Valley, California as viticulturist and at Cal Poly gaining formal, masters level viticulture education/expertise. Brooke administers our viticulture program currently, bringing cutting-edge farming practices to the Rocks District.