“There is no substitute for wine quality. It's our only reason for being. It begins in the vineyard and ends in the cellar.” -Bob Betz


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Betz Family doesn’t have a tasting room. We are open for Limited by Appointment Only experiences when production activities allow. Please call Kelly at (425) 861-9823 during office hours to make an appointment.

Vineyard Sources in
The Rocks District

We raise our glasses to all of you and say; alla famiglia – to our family!

Since our first vintage in 1997 we’ve had a single minded goal of crafting compelling wines with individual character that are approachable and ageworthy, and which showcase Washington as a distinguished wine region of the world.

By carving out specific vineyard blocks and being meticulous in the vineyard and cellar we are able to achieve the quality we aspire to. For many years, Betz Family Winery has crafted three (3) single-site Syrah’s that reflect their unique terroirs. Two vineyards from Yakima Valley AVA; Red Willow to the far west (from the initial block of Syrah planted in Washington in 1986) and Boushey Vineyard located towards the center of the AVA. Ciel du Cheval from Red Mountain AVA makes up the third distinctive site.

For years, we’ve tasted Syrah from The Rocks District AVA so compelling and characterful, that in 2014 we purchased Ancient Stones together with Kevin Brown from Siren Song with the express intention of making a fourth single-site Syrah.

As importantly over the years our winery culture has become a way of life in which everyone – our growers, winery team and customers are family.

Today, Betz family Winery is headed by our two families, both committed to be true to our heritage, our family members, and true to what Betz winery embodies: wines of dimension and pleasure, wines that allow the character of Washington to shine through. They are a blend of the best elements of the new and the old worlds; full ripe fruit and yet structured for longevity.

We believe our best wines are yet to come.

Our Values

Washington’s Columbia Valley is one of the world’s blessed sites to grow classic wine grapes.

Louis Skinner, Winemaker

Louis Skinner, Winemaker

For Louis, discovering wine was a life changing event. “A good friend was determined to get me interested in wine. He put together a tasting of classic French wines: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and a couple bottles of California Cabernet for contrast. This one tasting did it for me – the switch was flipped, and wine has been my passion ever since.”

What began as regular trips to the library for wine books, and cruising the shelves of wine shops, soon became the focus of a new career. Louis enrolled in the Enology and Viticulture program at South Seattle Community College, and shortly after enrolling, took a sales position for the eastside wine merchant, Fine Wines. For several years, Louis divided his time between school, the wine shop, and industry tastings. “I learned the fundamentals of winemaking, and wine tasting at the same time. I place great value in both, and rely on them equally in the cellar.”

In order to complete his degree, Louis worked an internship with Betz Family in 2010. “This experience shaped my view of winemaking in a very positive way. It set the bar in terms of attention to detail, organization, and most of all, the value of capturing data, and learning from it.”

Early in 2011 Louis went to work for DeLille Cellars, which proved to be an invaluable opportunity. During his time with DeLille, Louis focused on improvements in the lab, cellar, and quality control, eventually earning the title of Enologist. “I worked 3 harvests, bottled 4 vintages, moved into a new facility, and our team doubled production. I learned a great deal about the logistics of winemaking, in a very short period of time.”

Taking the time to taste great wine is a priority for Louis. While he has spent considerable time studying wines from around the globe, the classic regions of France enjoy most of his attention. This has led to him hosting a monthly tasting group focusing on the best of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Rhone. Louis can regularly be found hunting for old, rare, and hard to find bottles.

“My favorite part of working in the wine industry is that I can always find inspiration and motivation in my work. There is always more to learn in the cellar and the lab, and there are always new wines to taste.”

“Returning to Betz Family Winery as the Assistant Winemaker is an honor. Although I finished my internship with Betz in 2010, and went to work for DeLille, I'm thrilled to get the chance to be part of the Betz team.”
In June, 2016 Louis was promoted to Winemaker.
When he’s not at the winery, Louis spends most of his time with his beautiful wife, Lauren. They share a passion for travel, food, wine, and supporting each other in all they do.