Watermill has been able to produce award-winning Certified Sustainable wines year after year.


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Vineyard Sources in
The Rocks District

At Watermill Winery, each bottle captures a story that becomes part of yours. Our vineyards, rooted in diverse soils, craft wines that celebrate your life's moments. Whether in celebration or solace, our wines are companions to your experiences, connecting the richness of the earth with the richness of your journey.

We invite you to partake in this journey to savor the flavors born from diverse soils and resilient vines. Watermill Winery isn't just about producing wine; it's about sharing a story, a legacy written in the earth and told in every glass. Come be a part of our narrative, where each sip connects you to the land, to the community, and the enduring spirit of Watermill Winery.

Brian Roy, Winemaker

Brian Roy, Winemaker

The Watermill Winery winemaking team orchestrates a remarkable journey from grape to glass. It transcends the efforts of any single individual and embodies a symphony of collaboration, skill, and passion.

At Watermill, our team is our greatest asset. Each member brings their unique expertise to the table, weaving together a tapestry of ideas and techniques. It’s in this collective effort where the magic truly happens. Together, we taste, discuss, and decide, ensuring that every decision is a shared chapter in our winemaking story.

Our approach is akin to an artist painting a masterpiece, but our canvas is the palate of our customers. We listen, we adapt, and we create. Each wine is a testament to the harmony within our team, reflecting a blend of diverse skills, just as our wines reflect a blend of the finest grapes.