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308 SW 1st Ave, #201
Portland, OR 97232

Nick Wolfe, Director, Northwest Market Manager
Garrett Hoemmen, Vice President, Northwest Market


Tel: 503-225-1721

Silicon Valley Bank’s wine experts have an unparalleled appreciation for the rewards that winemaking offers, as well as the challenges you face. That’s why The Rocks District is please to have them on board as our Founding Sponsor and preferred banking partner. The bank’s long-standing relationships with the wine industry—along with its exclusive research, benchmarking and brand-building services— allows SVB to provide customized solutions for managing and accelerating your growth.

Fine wines are benefiting from improvement in affluent spending and the maturing of millennials, but also are continuing to face headwinds from international competitors and evolving distribution channels. SVB understands that you need a partner who goes well beyond banking and acts as a strategic advisor, providing unique financing solutions and tailored advice.


Let SVB’s expertise in engineering customized financing help you focus on the business of growing grapes and making wine.

For Vineyards

For Wineries

Brand Building

Boost awareness of your premium wine brand. SVB acts as your global brand ambassador, providing sales leads and introductions to wine lovers through concierge services, wine program development and wine gifting programs.

Treasury Management

International Banking

Tap into SVB’s global network of services, with tailored solutions for financing international growth, managing your cash around the world and mitigating risk as you expand internationally.