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Milton Freewater, OR 97862


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The Rocks Wine studio we have a well equipped winery capable of performing all wine services, from fruit recieval to bottling. Our team consists of well experienced winemakers and cellar crew. Our winery is equipped with state of the art equipment starting with a Armbruster destemmer with double roller sorters to eliminate MOG. A tube in tube heat exchanger will cool down or warm up the fruit as it is received into our fermentation vessels that range from stainless steal closed tops, open tops, conical, oak or concrete tanks. All fermentation vessels have temperature monitoring and control as well as Micro Oxygenation capabilities. Cap management can be done either by punch down, pump over or Pulsair. We also have 2 barrel cellars each with 6,000 barrel capacity both with temperature and humidity control and a heated room for malolactic fermentation in barrel.


We can custom make any wine within our operation capability, either by winemakers working with your crew or following winemaking protocols and procedures to clients spec's.

Our winemaking team can also take a project from start to finish if that is required. Own winemaker not required.


Equipped with hopper to receive either hand harvested (macro bin) or machine harvested fruit (up to 8 ton gondola), fruit can also be hand selected using a shaker table.

Destemming is done by a Armbruster Rotovib equipped with roller sorters that separate the MOG from the fruit, capable of processing up to 25 tons per hour. Fruit can then be transferred to fermentation tank by positive displacement pump or drop directly into fermenter bin for 100% whole berry fermentation.

The fruit pipeline is a tube in tube system that can either heat or cool down the fruit as it travels through it. The pipeline extends to all tank pads in the winery.


Fermentation vessels vary from Stainless steel tanks that can be either straight wall or conical, open or closed tops ranging from 3 to 20 tons. Concrete tanks slightly conical that can handle 6 or 7.5 tons, as well as concrete eggs and Dolias (inverted egg) in 17 and 13 hL size. We also have oak fermentation tanks that can handle from 5 to 6.5 tons of fruit.

Having tanks of various shapes, size and material, allows us to customize wines to the clients needs. All tanks are equipped with heating and cooling jacket, automated pumpover, and micro ox capabilities. All of our tanks are equipped with Lotus irrigators for pump overs, handled by air pumps that are controlled by computer, with the ability to set up schedules (up to 8 times per day) for pump overs.

The facility is also equipped with a Pulsair unit to assist cap management and manual punch down capabilities on open top fermenters.

Micro and macro ox can be used during all stages of winemaking and aging.


We have a well equipped laboratory with an Admeo Spica enzymatic analyzer, in addition to all the equipment required to keep a tight quality control.

We also have support from a local ETS laboratory near by.


The facility has 3 barrel rooms, all with temperature and humidity control. With a total of 12,000 barrels of storage space as well as 300,000+ gallons of tank aging space.


Equipped with a Velo Crossflow for our small projects as well as a Pall Enoflow (6 column) for our bigger projects, we can handle all filtration needs. We are also equipped with a sweetspotter to help with on tricky years where smoke taint, high alcohol and VA reduction is required.


With our counter pressure bottling machine we can take small projects, including force carbonated wines. With capability to use cork or screw cap, laser batch coding and labeling. We have Signature bottling that we can count on for bigger projects.


At the Rocks Wine Studio we have warehouse capability to store in a temperature controlled room a total of 150,000 cases.